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We often get requests for travel cases. S and S Machine make a 14” travel case which fits our GTOs, GT series, X series, and Magnum coupled and folding trikes (go to their website for more info.

30 Day Test Ride

Because we build our trikes with love and are confident that you will love your trike. However, a trike is quite different to a regular bike, and while most people feel immediately at home riding our trikes, some can take a little longer to get the best from them.

Thus we offer you a 30 day Test Ride if you live too far from an authorized GreenSpeed Dealer to take test ride at their store. If you are not 100% happy with your GreenSpeed Trike, simply ship the trike back to us within 30 days of the shipping date and we will refund you the full retail price of the trike, less any allowance for wear and, or damage (valid for one trike per customer)

30 Day Test Ride
Customer Story
“This journey was probably the most severe test run any trike could endure, and the Magnum stood up admirably.” A born explorer, Paul was one of the best rock climbers in Europe until 1998 when a climbing accident almost killed him. See the ABC Story
— Paul Pritchard, Adventurer / Tasmania
“GreenSpeed is the gold standard of trikes. Mine took me from Virginia to Oregon (4200 miles) and down the Rocky Mountains at white knuckle speeds but I felt safe. I felt like I was in a Porsche.”
— Janet Buckwalter, USA
“The sudden acceleration, light and positive steering, fast cornering and powerful braking are an experience not to be missed. The GreenSpeed is an electrifying ride, making my sluggish body feel like a powerful engine”.
— Jim McGurn, U.K
“The Anura tandem is a great vehicle for picking people up. My husband was flying home from New York. I met him at the light-rail station near the airport with this rig, and we rode home together, stopping for groceries on the way.”
— Mary Arneson, Minneapolis USA

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